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Dave James, accompanied by Lyn Thomas on piano and joined from time to time by various Cadbury Saxophone Band members, presented a mixed programme of - almost - non-stop music for four hours at St Mary's Church in Yatton on 29th March 2003.

Their efforts raised 170 for the church restoration fund and the event has paved the way for other similar events in the future.
(Julia - April 25 2003)

Yatton Music Society is Changing In addition to the usual monthly concerts in Yatton Parish Church, YMS will be staging quarterly gigs in the upstairs room of the Prince Of Orange Inn. (Remember the rhythm & folk evening there last year). The idea will be to present a wide variety of music (usually two groups in one night) to appeal to a wider audience in a more informal setting. Membership costs 4 per year. Enjoy reductions in admission price to all YMS events. (Dave, November 2002)

I'm afraid it didn't last. In spite of some really enterprising concerts, audiences dwindled to an embarrassingly low figure, and I got fed up with all the work for so little response. So back to music at St Mary's then.
(Dave Feb 2007)

Book of The Month November 2002 - Editor's Choice The Cambridge Companion To The Saxophone, edited by Richard Ingham (Cambridge University Press) 226 pages paperback, 15.95. Just what every saxophile needs in their Christmas stocking this year. The book fills the gap between Paul Harvey's booklet - The Saxophonist's Bedside Book (Fentone) and Wally Horwood's comprehensive - Adolphe Sax His Life and Legacy (EPL). Lots of experts contribute to a series of chapters covering the whole gamut of saxophone playing. Sections on invention and development, the repertoire, playing techniques, saxophone quartets, playing professionally, the saxophone and jazz, rock, classical and contemporary music, famous soloists, and wind synthesisers, mean you can dip in and out at will. First impressions are of interest at every page turn, even though I found the feel of the book a little dull. Could it be the lack of colour? However, highly recommended. Bob Bailey at Clevedon Music Shop can get it for you, although you might find it cheaper on the net.
(Dave, November 2002)

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